Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk
Day 21 - Friday April 1st, 2005
Roanoke VA to Villamont VA


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     Though we have settled into the routine of walking 18-20 miles a day, there are still so many variables to contend with. In an air-conditioned, motor driven existence you are far less affected by the weather, the topography, less aware of the smells, the early morning noises (before the hustle begins) And you are far less connected to the needs of your body. Listening in, I am beginning to translate the sugar cravings as a need for protein, the dull headache as a warning of dehydration...

I am captivated by the mountains of Virginia, and my eyes often follow the Appalachian Range as I walk. They span as far as I will walk and beyond, and for a time longer than I can comprehend. I have much to learn from their solemn grace and steadfast existence as I am buffeted by the winds, as my mind wanders from topic to topic.

   I think a lot about the reaction of people we meet, the effect we might have on their lives. If only to make them smile for a minute, as a line of peace flag adorned, chanting, singing, dancing or philosophizing people pass them by. Maybe they will take a flier; maybe they will talk to someone for a few minutes. It is always hard to express concisely where we are from, what we are doing, why... thinking of these things all day and then trying to sum it up in a sound byte for a curious onlooker. But maybe it will open a way for them to recognize how relevant and impactful the nuclear industry is to their lives. And perhaps they can't or don't want to join us. Maybe though, they will accept that it is for them, and for their children that we walk.

   We arrived at the Blue Ridge Church of the Brethren (Villamont) just as the rain was beginning to fall. Some of the congregation was already there, preparing dinner and helping us settle in. We were provided a large feast and the opportunity to speak with some of the church members before settling down for the night. As our dreams set in, so did the rain...

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