Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk
Day 24 - Monday April 4th, 2005,
Lynchburg Va to Amherst VA


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     Well folks, by this time our on the scene walk reporters are simply too tired to send in any information for us to post today. After all they have walked 350 miles in the last 24 days! Whew, I can't say as I blame them for wanting a day off. So instead of a daily update or a page full of community responses lets just talk about some other things.

   For example before this walk is over you will be able to look at approximately 400 pictures. Where did they come from? Well a lot of walkers have donated their pictures for this web site and we thank them for being so generous but most of the pictures have come from the camera of Jason Laffer. Two reasons. First Jason has avery good camera and a good eye for pictures. Secondly his camera is set up to show the date in the picture name! Now you may not think of this as important but when you are sitting in an office 500 miles away from the walkers trying to co-ordinate pictures with written descriptions of the walk for a particular day it is most important to have this feature!

   One of the things about this walk that seems to amaze us all is the community response. It's simply been phenomenal. Everywhere we've been we are greeted by so many wonderful people. And it also seems that there are so many peace organizations sprouting up all over the walk route. We are used to what we call our "peace corridor" that runs from Cincinnati Ohio to Atlanta Georgia and are in solidarity with organizations such as Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance and the Nipponzan Myohoji temple in Atlanta, the Atlanta Dojo but we never realized that there was a "peace corridor" from Oak Ridge to New York. We will be talking more about this newly discovered peace path a little later.

   One last thing and I'll let you get back to the walk. When you look at this picture know that you are looking a a multi culture, interfaith gathering of people from all over the world. Dedicated people who are spending a goodly portion of their lives working, walking, running, praying for peace. They have been joined within each community and while on the road by thousands of others both on the road and in cyber space in this quest for peace. It has been a road well traveled and is widening! Consider joining this walk if you can. If it is too late find another and join in. Put your feet on the pavement. It feels good! It will change your life!

Love and peace
Stewards of Peacehq
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From Jeff McKenzie


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