Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk
Day 25 - Tuesday April 5th, 2005,
Amherst VA to Roseland VA


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     During morning prayer we had a call from Australia with bad (but not altogether surprising) news... Uncle Kevin Buzzacott has been in court this week contesting a theft charge for removing the coat of arms from Old Parliament House during Invasion (Australia) Day Corroborree 2001. Uncle Kevin was arguing that he was reclaiming the sacred totem animals of his people, and that the Australian Government had never obtained consent to use them on the coat of arms. This is a landmark case in the Australain Courts as it strikes at the very foundation of Australia.... who are the rightful Sovereign peoples of Australia?

   The news came as a shock to the walkers as, many of them have worked, walked and learnt from this exceptional man. For many years Uncle Kevin has inspired thousands of people all around the world with his courage, detrmination and wisdom, in fighting for his peoples rights (Aboriginal People of Australia) and resisting the devastating impact of the Nuclear Industry. He was the inspiration for the International Peace Pilgrimage, which walked from Roxby Downs Uranium Mine (Australia) and finished in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Japan 2004) and has been a major supporter of walks. He joined the walk in Hiroshima and talked to an international audience, speaking about the Genocide of his people and the devastating effects caused by uranium mining.

   During the rigorous court battle in Canberra, he became ill and had to retreat to the sacred Fire for Peace and Justice at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. Whilst there he sought urgent medical help and couldn't attend the afternoon sesion of the court. Later that day in a brutal act, 20 federal police, including 8 anti Terrorist police stormed the Tent Embassy and arrested Uncle Kevin. He was imprisoned without bail and thousands of people were fearful for his life.... it is not uncomon in Australia for Aboriginal people to die in custody.

   Many prayers were offered that morning and as we walked the intention and prayers of the walkers were with him. I was personally very upset as Uncle Kevin is like a father to me, I have spent many years living with him and his people, campaigning for an end to the Genocide. At a time of my life when my Mother had just died and I was heading down the road to addiction and homelessness (again), he picked me up, healed me and gave me a reason to live. For me the possibility of losing him was devastating, and I was praying hard that day, as I know that the Australian Government and many corporations would gladly see this brave man dead. I was also freaking out as I had been by his side for many years and I wasn't there, I had to calm my soul, pray and focus so that my spirit was there with him. The group walked all day, with focused intent and reached our destination, the Nelson United Church.

   That night Nat and I wrote a statement on behalf of the Walk, in support of Uncle Kevin and calling for his release. I went to bed, praying for his safety and hoping our energy and letter added weight to his freedom.

With Love,
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