Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk
Day 26 - Wednesday April 6th, 2005,
Roseland VA, Rest Day


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     Some people are unlucky enough to have their birthdays fall during a time when they're thousands of miles from home, family and friends and surrounded by smelly walkers gathered from around the world sleeping each night in different locations...

   This time round I was unfortunate enough to be one of these people. Rites and passages are varied.

   Personally my day went as follows...

   Dragged out of a warm sleeping bag to sit kneeling until legs cramp, force fed, weighed down with the heavy burden of the banner and forced to walk up front and face the traffic head on all day...

   Fed more and more, dinner being an amazing feast of roasted veges, stirfry tofu, rice, salad.... and the most ceremonious of birthday cakes (a huge stack of pancakes piled high with berries and grapes and candles burning in all directions carried in by KA balanced on the arms of taka and paul), sung to, embarrassed, humiliated... and just when I thought it was all over... taken kicking and screaming in the dead of the night to a undisclosed location where the tortures of more (organic!) food, magnificent star-filled skies, cherry blossom trees in full bloom, woodchuck critters and morning dips in the river awaited.

   What was supposed to be a 'rest day' became a painfully slow and relaxing hour after hour sitting under blossomed trees, watching birds fly overhead, fed more organic treats, swims in the cool river waters and admiring the surrounding mountains... oh, so hard!

   Afternoon-ish and the beautiful house and property was filled with other walkers as they arrived, filling the air with music under magnolia trees and eagerly awaiting the torture of more organic feasts to continue...

   For a kidnappee, the location was hurrendous, subjected to so much fresh air, organic goodness and musical interludes all day and all into the evening... the perpetrators seemed to savour every minute of it...

   The main offenders (however innocent they may claim to be) were the owners of the beautiful property and suppliers of all that organic goodness, Matthew and Alison... I hope they are caught and appropriately dealt with...

   They have many accomplices who are known to be at large and headed towards New York. last known to be travelling by foot.

   Be warned. A birthday on a walk is a unique experience you'll be haunted with forever. Avoid at all costs or be prepared to be subjected to things above and beyond the wild crazy adventure I had.   

(The above is all true, but perhaps it really happened without the violence, with a lot of love and definitely accompanied with wild amounts of raucous hysterical laughter. A massive thank you to all the beautiful walkers who shared so much with me and made it such a special day!)

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