Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk
Day 32 - Tuesday April 12th, 2005
Frederick MD - Rest Day


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     No walk would be complete without the surprise appearance of a real life superhero, right? (hmm, actually, not sure if its ever happened before, maybe we just got lucky??) Well, today, being Earth Day, none other than CAPTAIN PLANET himself decided to drop on by and join in the walk for the morning! Tight tights, protective earth breastplate, peace cape and stars and stripes armbands and the superhero-style walk (chest out, head up, hands on hips, ready to fly to action...) to boot...Kip had been transformed into Captain Planet for his birthday!

   He performed brave acts of planet-saving feats, the most significant being keeping a solid grin on all the walkers faces all morning!

   By lunch time CP had to fly off to help out with some other awesome earth-saving projects, but we got the birthday boy Kip back in return. And the grins and giggles hung around for the rest of the day too, despite the cool weather and occasional rain. We're staying in a college boys dormitory (Blue Mountian Academy) tonight, and many of the students have been interested to come and meet and talk to us, and are even keen to get up at 5:30 to join us for morning prayer too.

   After a wet day, many of us have enjoyed the opportunity for showers and clothes washing, and lovely soft carpet to sleep on...thank you!

   A wonderful feast of food prepared by walkers until late last night for dinner...before the highlight of the night...the ordination of Kip to be a monk-for-a-day, his birthday present from the monks and nuns on the walk, with the cake ceremony sneaking in on the end with Suzuki-shonin carrying in the cake, being held up by Paul and Sarah...lots of laughter and shared joy for another birthday surprise on the walk!!

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