Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk
Day 33 - Wednesday April 13th, 2005
Frederick MD to Thurmont MD


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     After a great two days with the Friends (Quakers) in Frederick, we were all feeling refreshed. Many walkers were hosted at peoples homes and had an opportunity to share time on a more intimate level with our hosts. This morning the weather was fine and chilly for our 16 mile walk to Thurmont.

   As we walked I watched the beautiful mountains that skirt our path and notice the red and green tinge that is starting to appear. Spring has arrived and the trees are waking from thier long sleep, as are the animals and us. So tired these days, the strain and lack of sleep is taking its toll, if not for all the nourishing food and support from our local hosts, then I am sure I would curl up and sleep for days on the side of the road. The scenery is so beautiful and inspiring, pitty for all the trucks and traffic we have to put up with as we walk along the highway. Sometimes at the end of the day the most draining thing is the constant traffic and noise.

   This area is steeped in the history of war, war against the Indigenous nations, the civil war and now the war on terror. I hear from locals that 'Camp David' is near by and the Mysterious "Underground White House". I'm not really sure what goes on there, but I guess its got something to do with world domination and power. It seems fitting that these two places where so many decisions that affect millions of people and promote war, are so close to the Battlefields of Gettysberg. It seems that Warmongers are atracted to places of great tragedy and blood shed, some twisted link to the heroic past.... an umbilical cord of righteousness and power.

   We walked on and reached our destination, the Church of the Brethren that will host our stay and the Weller Methodist Church that will feed us. As we arrived many of the neighbours came over and offered us food and water, their friendship and openess to us mob of strangers was really warming and I thank them. Of course there are always a few 'bad apples' and one neighbour hurled abuse from the safety of his enclosed porch. Some people are so angry and have little opportunity to let it go, so a bunch of strangers on a peace walk was too good an opportunity to pass up. Nobody took much notice but I stood there and listened to the abuse, wondering how this man got so angry. Maybe the very system he was promoting as he screamed had disempowered and disenfranchised him, and we were his way of validating his sorry life?? I dont know all I could think was how sorry I was for him.

   We had a great dinner and meeting with the local hosts and as usual the hospitality and welcome was overwhelming. I thank all the people of this place that have supported and enriched our lives. Tommorow on to Gettysberg, where we walk through the Battlefield.... I wonder what the dead folk who walk there will think of us?

with love,
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