Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk
Day 35 - To Whom It May Concern
From a family in the Gettysburg Pennsylvania area.

Friday, April 15, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

   Tabitha, Nina, Kayla, Nathan are all late for school today because our family participated in the Stop the Bombs Pilgrimage organized by Footprints for Peace that passed through Gettysburg this morning. The children all attended a Buddhist prayer service (held by a Buddhist nun traveling with the group), followed by a potluck breakfast where they were able to meet Peace Walkers from Japan, Australia and across the US. The children then accompanied the Peace Walkers for the first mile of their journey today. Their father and I felt that this was a wonderful opportunity to further cultural understanding as well as seeing the concept of peaceful protest in a democracy at work, and that these factors justified missing the first part of their school day.



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