Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk
Day 35 - Voices
Megumi Kobayashi

  I've done 5 Peace Walks before this time. I had many experiences at each time. My feeling is to do something to create a peaceful world. Also I try to keep peaceful mind in my heart.

   The reason I choose Peace Walk, so I can meet many people and I have good opportunity to share story and talk. I have responsibility to talk because Japan uses nuclear power. Because we already know what happened at Hiroshima and Nagaski by atomic bomb in 1945. But we decided to use nuclear power for electricity. Some people said "nukes are safe", not like nuclear weapons and bombs. But we use same uranium and people who work at uranium mine site got sick by radio active poisoning. Also I worry about earthquake and tsunami attack Japan. Because almost all the nukes are located near ocean side. Many people do not know about nuclear issues yet. I want to say, stop the bombs, nukes and stop uranium mining right now, This is my Japanese responsibility.

   Other reason, I like people who join the walk. We have different culture, language, background, and religion. But we stay same place, doing together and try to understand each other, we do. It's great!

   And one more reason is to pray and heal the land, nature and people who are suffering. When I walk, I feel many sensations from them. I think our prayer and healing reach to high spiritual level. And I receive healing and love from them. Also receive anger, sadness, thankfulness and any vibration from them. I try to be strong. I'm understanding I catch the spirits sometime.

   Right now, I can't walk. 5 days ago (4/10) I sprain an ankle. I had lots of frustration. I was thinking walk is important. Also I came here to walk, But I can't. And I can't go back home right now. Many people help me, give me massage, give medicine and give me healing. I really appreciate their kindness. I already understand support also very important things. But I re-understand more more more. Now I want to support all the walkers. It is my prayer.

In peace and love

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