Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk
Day 38 Monday April 18th, 2005
New Cumberland PA to Harrisburg PA


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     They have M16s to protect them from us. Or maybe they think it will keep the radiation safe. Or maybe it will keep them safe from the radiation? How incredible that they think that M16s will do anything. They are in more danger just standing there, than an M16 can ever save them from.

   The cop announced from his loud speaker from the patrol car to us as we left "You guys havent got a permit. You could be arrested". Great profesional observation. He corrected himself, "You guys haven't got a permit. You will be arrested if you don't move on." Great professional threat. The level of profesionalism is impressionable, but hardly impressive. But i guess M16s help their confidence. But threatening peace drum-beating monks and peace walkers as terrorists only exemplifies again the fear, fear, fear... [His last comment was "you need to move, we don't want an accident here..." I couldn't help but turn and point to the reactors, yelling "we don't need an accident THERE !"......Nat]

   Three Mile Island was every bit as intense as the nuclear reactors many of us visited last year in Japan. Personally, it was perhaps even more so; the four huge cooling towers with steam billowing out of two of them (reactors in Japan dont have them), the weapon wielding guards, threats from the police, and cameras, cameras, cameras... And, of course to add to that is experience, to understand (even if still only simply) how this plant is just one, but it has caused so much harm to the community here, and how similar the affects are to those of communities with nuclear reactors in Japan, or uranium mines in Australia, or the concerns of those who are campaigning against nuclear waste dumps in Korea, or those who have suffered the consequences of nuclear weapons in Australia and Japan. And these are only the stories that we've heard directly. How to begin imagining how deep and widespread this problem really is... we sat and prayed for a better future.

   Irati Wanti: the poison. leave it in the ground.

   The poverty of the area around the plant reminded me of rural areas with nuclear reactors in Japan too. Humbleness. I wonder how much money the actually receive in compensation. Is it really worth it? Who decides it's 'safe enough' for them. What is the deciding factor for someone to live next to a nuclear that has already had an accident too? Misinformation? Lack of information? Money? Surely not health. Nor wellbeing.

   And no one could truely be happy with so much fear next door. M16s can't protect you from the fear of a meltdown. Irati Wanti.

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