Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk
Day 38 - Hello From Australia
Email from Michelle... (In Australia)

Monday April 18, 2005

Hello To all you brave Peaceful people doing this awesome Peace Walk:

   I have some postcards that I'd hoped to send over with one of my friends from ENUFF here in Australia, that is joining you on the Peace Walk - HELLO ROBIN!!, but I couldn't meet with her before she left to give her my postcard, so I thought I would email my message of Good Luck & Wishes for you all doing this aweome event - I hope you can get this very important message about how WE CALL FOR DISARMAMENT & A NUCLEAR WEAPONS FREE WORLD accross to those who need to hear this - Good on you all. Please pass on my Peaceful message to everyone there, especially Robin.

Good luck.

All My Peace, Love & Smiles
Michelle... (In Australia)

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