Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk
Day 41 Thursday April 21, 2005
East Hanover PA to Fredericksburg PA


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     An exciting event to break the walk, eat, sleep routine !

   Ray had been pointing out plants to the Monks, and motioned towards one saying "poison". Misunderstanding her, Ishibashi Shoni grabbed some leaves and started chewing them with a big grin !

   Because of her distressed reaction he spat it out straight away, but had effectively eaten water hemlock, the plant that sent Socrates to his demise !

   Ray was adament he needed to go to hospital, but it is not that easy to convince a Nipponzan Monk to stop walking, even with the threat of potential paralysis or death ! He was finally convinced to go to hospital and we all added an extra prayer to our walking while he was gone.

   We were all relieved to see the van return about an hour and a half later, and even more so to find out Ishibashi was ok. He had indeed eaten hemlock, but had luckily not eaten the more deadly roots, nor consumed a significant quantity to cause harm.... phew !!

   A few jokes later he was back in the drumming line and we were walking again, travelling the highway of our way to Fredericksburg.....

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