Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk
Day 45 - Voices

     Today was a great day! Everyday is great if you make it that way, but it certainly helps when the environment and people around you are enjoying themselves. Today was a much needed rest day in Bethleham PA, being the past two walk days have been on the cloudy wet side with few breaks to sunshine.

   The Unitarian Church of Lehigh Valley, a cozy, energetic nest for us all to rejuvienate. Prayer was at 7 am this morning which gave us all time to catch up on much needed sleep. After breakfast some of us gathered in the sanctuary for a challenging choir rehearsal. The Peace Walk Choir trying to sing our new song endeavor, Living Planet, in Japanese. Billy led a smudging ritual in a nearby graveyard. Soon after we all scattered out around the town, so many choices of activities. Some of us visited the Bethlehem Serenity Gardens at the public library, created by a group here in Bethlehem as well as their sister city in Tondabayashi, Japan. Another stop, a local peace center very close to the church, LEPOCO (Lehigh Valley Pocono Committee of Concern). There are no words appropriate to express how thankful we have all been to Crafford Harris, he has been the mastermind behind all of this organization of food and activities.

   We have been completely spoiled these past few days, especially in a hearty vegan way. Many thanks to Wendy from the local vegan cafe, for her very generous donation of our yummy organic vegan feast!

   Before dinner Bilbo explained about ANZAC day, which is the commemoration in Australia and New Zealand for the diggers (soldiers who fought in Galipoli in WWI) and Nat sang a song about it. We had a pot luck dinner and more great food. After dinner there was a energetic jam session with singing and laughing.


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