Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk
Email - March 18th, 2005
From Tyler Vega
     Hi John

   The CD is going fabulously and if you're in to it, I'd like to publish some about it. there's a freeware audio engine that I've been using that deserves a plug too, if you can find space for it. there's a banner at the bottom of this page

   As of now we have over 10 usable tracks (all recorded in a non studio environment) with as many walkers represented. Lead tracks are Walk in Beauty and To the Four Directions Peace.

   Also included are the Australian hit Solid Rock, Imagine by John Lennon, Christian Spiritual Going up on the mountain (Ralph does that one well). Hope you're doing well. I'll be back with the walkers on monday to record some more. I'll try to get a copy of the latest version of the CD to you as soon as possible.

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