Good Shepherd Alliance
Leesburg, Virginia

Meet Janice "Road Mom" King

Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk - 2005,Hosts Day 29
   Some years ago we had a wonderful lady who used to come on all our runs. Her name was Kathy, "Kat" for short, and she took care of a lot of things for us. None of us ever asked her to do anything, it's what she liked to do. She doted over us, making sure we had the little things like hot coffee in the morning and the such. She also had to have a picture of each group by their support vehicle for her scrap book. We lovingly called her our "Road Mom".

We are hearby lovingly bestow the title of "Road Mom" to Janice King.

   To meet Janice is to love her. Her warm smile and loving persona is contagious. She made us feel right at home from the very beginning. When she first showed up she was telling us about some assistance she had to give to someone who had a problem with their truck. Here, I'll let him tell you.

   "My name is Ed Burns. When you showed up my truck broke down and Janice King helped me by getting gas for my truck. After that her car alarm stopped working or was not turning off and she called me and I explained how to fix it. She helped me and I helped her. Thats what makes the world go round".

   That's the way things work around the Good Shepherd Alliance. People helping people. Anyhow, during our stay everyone associated with the Alliance was kind, loving, and helpful but Janice went out of her way to make sure all went well. She gave us the "grand tour" or the place, showed us how to use the computers, where the showers were, made the copy machine, the telephone and all sorts of other gizmos and gadgets available for our use. She gave us blankets, soap, snacks, etc.etc. She ever stayed overnight with us!

   I was sleeping in a tent out in the back yard and woke up about 4AM. It was very cold and there was a coat of ice on the tent and it covered the ground, crunching as I made my way to the door of the house. I crept in to use the bathroom as not to waken the walkers who were sleeping about the floor. When I got back outside I noticed that Janice was in her car in the driveway. I walked down to say good morning, 4AM, and she greeted me with a smile the size of Texas as she rolled down her window. She had awakened and decided to go get some coffee. When she got back something happened and she had spilled her coffee on the passenger side seat! Here she was waiting in her car not going back into the building so she would not awaken the walkers and disturb their sleep! Wow.

   If anyone deserves the title of "Road Mom" it's Janice King. Thanks Janice, you will be with us in our hearts as long as we live. May blessings be upon you and yours.

   Thanks "Road Mom".