Tyler Vega
Y12 Nuclear Complex, Oak Ridge Tennessee
To The United Nations
Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty Talks
New York, New York - 2005


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Advanced Scouts

   I'm assembling a team of six to twelve cyclists to do advance scout work for the Stop the Bombs International Peace Pilgrimage. Our mission is to ride ahead of the walk to the daily arrival point and interact with the local community to build people power. Armed with flyers, posters and communication, we will invite as many people as possible to the daily event, ceremony, fundraiser, concert. This way, by the time the walkers arrive in town, the local community will be aware and hopefully present. My vision is of a band of walkers marching into town with the band playing and the cyclists and locals there to meet and greet them. It will coincide closely with Ujima, the Peace Walk Band, whose mission is to provide entertainment and spiritual enrichment as well as draw a crowd.

And so it begins

   In early March I hitched a ride with Marcus Atkinson from the the International Peace Pilgrimage. He flew into Seattle, visited some friends, and had his Trooper worked on. We headed to Los Angeles to pick up Bilbo Taylor and "K A", also IPP members and then we made our way to Knoxville. That's me in the lower left hand corner. To my great delight I discovered that all the Australians had marvelous musical abilities both singing and playing various instrutments.

   It was great to be in Knoxville again. Catching up with so many friends I had walked an run with before. However, much work needed to be accomplished and I set about getting my computer stuff set up for making the CD's I wanted to create. I also spent some time with the walkers who wanted to participate in the musical aspect of the walk. Special thanks to Shelley Wascom and Jim Toren for providing the computer equipment I needed. It was going well. On March 18th is sent an email status report to my associate John Toren to bring him up to date.

  By Day 1, March 12th most of the walkers were gathered at the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance headquaters in Knoxville Tennesse where I had been staying. On the 13th, Day 2, the entire group of walkers had assembled and we began our journey with a ceremony at the Y-12 complex in Oak Ridge.
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We started the actual walk itself on March 14th, Day 3 and at first it went very well. But by the end of Day 4 the Advanced Scouts, Gone But Not Forgotten . While my vision of the Advanced Scouts may have been extinquished his primary mission of music was still before me. This mission is to record, reproduce and distribute musical prayers of the participants of the Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk.

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  There are so many little stories one can tell from an adventure such as this. We talked to so many kind and generous people during our visits, especially in the evening at supper and in the morning at breakfast. Our hosts as well as their friends would present us with pot luck meals. Many of the churchs we stayed out cooked us hot foods. It was inspiring to see so many people supporting us and taking a genuine interest in our mission purpose. Of course there was the walking itself. Music was everywhere during this walk. Morning, during the walk and then a lot of jamming in the evening hours. I could find jam sessions even on the road. It was great, inspiring to my mates as well as myself and it was a lot of fun too!

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