Every Step A Prayer

Footprint Drumbeats

   PRAYER ENERGIZED MOTHER EARTH AND HUMANITY HEALING FOOTPRINT DRUMBEATS - What is revealed as we walk and pray is, that each footprint we make on the Mother Earth reverberates through Her like a drumbeat cadence. The image is kind of like throwing a rock in a clear pond and creating concentric shockwaves radiating out in all directions. As each step of each prayer-walker/runner hits the Earth with the power of prayer, fortified with walking/running sweat sacrifice, rings of white healing light radiate out in all directions. You see where were going with this donít you! Now, you begin to see why we say every step a prayer every mile a ceremony! If we could do this with just a few dedicated people, what could we do with throngs of dedicated people! There is no doubt in my mind that this process energizes us , the Earth, and creates general healing at all levels, and no I donít care to argue about it, either accept it and join in or leave me alone in my fantasy. But just think about widespread, even global Prayer running/walking, if there is just a chance that it might work we have to try!!!!!!! Therefore I challenge all of you out there, whoever you may be, wherever you might be, to hit the highways and byways and spread your Prayer Energized Mother Earth and Humanity Healing Footprint Drumbeats. Join us and lets see what happens when there are Billions of Footprint Drumbeats. It certainly cant hurt and you will also meet wonderful people, have loads of fun, and get healthier personally. We really can change the world one heart and one soul at a time and the exquisite beauty of it is no-one is threatened by it and no power on earth can stop the energy from having a positive effect!