Larry Crane - 03/31/2004

   Revelation may be defined as the communication of some TRUTH BY God (Great Spirit,The Almighty,Yahweh,I AM,Brahma,Grandfather,Father,Allah,The Cosmic Mind,Cosmic Consciousness,The Universal Intellectual Integrity,The Creator,The One,The Unity, etc.)to a rational creature through means which are beyond the ordinary course of nature. The TRUTHS revealed may be such as are otherwise inaccessible to the human mind -- mysteries,which even when revealed, the intellect of man is incapable of fully penetrating. But Revelation is not restricted to these. GOD(etc.) may see fit to employ supernatural means to affirm TRUTHS, the discovery of which is not PER SE beyond the powers of reason. The essence of Revelation lies in the fact that it is the direct speech of GOD(etc.) to man.

"Constitution De Fide Catholica"

   History is replete with examples of this type of direct communication between GOD and man, in all scriptures, in all true visions, in all cultures throughout all times. Some of these messages are prophecys about what is to come in the future.Almost universally these messages contain dire warnings about mankinds and the earths future. Some have already come to pass, thereby verifying the patterns. Whether they come in scriptures, native American visions, or many other forms, they all describe a potential future that isnt very pretty, ranging from very few survivors to none at all. This brings me to the point of this message, in almost all cases the only way to alter an ugly, ugly future is to somehow bring Peace and Love to ourselves and to humanity, a semingly impossible task for time may be short. These web pages show evidence of a struggling few whom are commited to the task. Dont let discouragement or isolation distract you, dont let the ways of the world distract you, dont let the majority who dont see it distract you, for there are more of us than you know.

   It may seem almost silly that humanities and the worlds future depends on us, but I say if not us then who? And I say if not now, when? and I SAY KEEP RUNNING, KEEP WALKING, KEEP PRAYING, KEEP LOVING EACH OTHER, KEEP LOVING EARTH MOTHER, KEEP GATHERING, FOR WE KNOW THE CAUSE IS JUST, RIGHT, AND THE ONLY WAY FOR AN AWAKE SOUL TO LIVE THEIR LIFE!

   The thought of seeing you down the road keeps me going, never give up! Peace and Love to you and yours

Larry Crane - Peacemaker! - 03/31/2004

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