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  Atlanta Dojo - Actions, stories and pictures from Brother Utsumi and Sister Denise at the Atlanta Dojo.

Erik Johnson, Reflections From FCI Manchester - Spend some time with Erik during his incarceration for crossing the line at the SOAW.

FootPrints For Peace - Visit the FootPrints home web site and find out the latest news as well as all the events from the past. You may want to visit the FootPrints site hosted by Peacehq which covers actions such as the Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk - Y12 Nuclear Complex, Oak Ridge Tennessee To The United Nations Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty Talks New York, New York - 2005.

Hattie Nestel - Peacemaker - Read about Hattie's Peace Trips as well as her essays especially those concerning the Nuclear Industry and the damage and destruction that is an essential part of it.

International Coalition For A Nuclear Free Future - This coalition is represented by organizations and individuals who are taking action to try to eliminate the destructive nature of nuclear weapons, mining and waste contaminations. Please join in if you believe in this goal.

International Peace Pilgrimage - Visit Marcus Atkinson and Atsuko Nogowa's remarkable journeys towards a nuclear free future.

Jason Laffer, International Peace Pilgrim - Visit Jason's home site where you will not only find some interesting pictures and stories but you can see Jason's journey to become a Peace Pilgrim.

Jeff McKenzie, International Peace Pilgrim - Visit Jeff's home site where all his walks, speaches and information can be found. Jeff, co-founder of Military Families Speak Out, has a very diverse peace "career" so to speak and you will find his stories very interesting.

Jim Toren, International Peace Pilgrim - Visit Jim's home site and see what he has going outside of his FootPrints For Peace organization.

John Patrick Liteky, Reflections From The Crisp County Jail - Spend 8 months in prison with Patrick for crossing the line at the Y12 complex in Oak Ridge Tennessee.

Marcus Atkinson, International Peace Pilgrim - Visit Marcus's home site to see where he's been and what he's up to now.

Military Families Speak Out - Read the story of Jeff McKenzie and his son Jeremy while Jeremy was serving in Iraq as a medical helicopter pilot.

Monk Krishnaman, Author - Visit with Krishnaman and read his account of the Hiroshima Flame Walk as well as some other stories.

OneWorld Peace Foundation - Visit Jeff Allison's web site and see other Peacemakers perceptions on how to bring peace to this world.

Peace Porridge - If you would like to read some interesting perspectives on important issues such as the war in Iraq then visit Tom Sager's Peace Porridge site. This is good reading.

Peace, Justice, Mercy, Love - Visit with Tyler Vega who is the Music Steward for Peacehq. You can enjoy Tyler's original songs and other music selections.

Prisoner Of Conscience - This site will provide you with some perspectives on prisoners of conscience, who they are and what situations confront them.

Stop The Bombs - International Peace Walk - This is the first action organized by the International Coalition For A Nuclear Free Future. Visit this site for information and the story of this historic walk from the Y12 Complex in Oak Ridge Tennessee to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Conference at the United Nations Headquarters in New York commencing March 12th, 2005.

"The Essense Of The Run" - Peacemaker Larry Crane's writings and perspectives can be viewed at his web site.

Walking For A Better World - Read Jeff McKenzie's journey to Australia on the International Peace Pilgrimage and enjoy other writings from Jeff's on line library.

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