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Abu Khaseeb, Basrah, Iraq
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Peace Porridge
Peace Porridge # 10, 11/12/01: Armistice Day Demonstration
   Peace Porridge # 30, 09/12/02: But What About Saddam?
   Peace Porridge # 31, 10/08/02: Ten Reasons to Oppose War Against Iraq.
   Peace Porridge # 32, 10/13/02: Authorization to Attack Iraq Resolution
   Peace Porridge # 33, 12/06/02: This May Be The Final Peace Porridge
   Peace Porridge # 34, 03/26/03: The Rage of the World
   Peace Porridge # 35, 07/20/03: Iraq Diary: In Search Of Security

Trebeel, Iraq
Tom Sager
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"But didn't the US get rid of Saddam? I think of Jeremiah's prophesy, "Thou hast broken the yokes of wood; but thou shalt make for them yokes of iron." I suspect I was right. Nothing good has come from this invasion."

Tom Sager
Peace Porridge #35

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