Sisterhood/Brotherhood of Peacemakers

Peacehq unlike most internet links and web sites has been developed to recognize and support the people who actually make peace and justice happen.

It will forever be a reminder of those who have willingly spent themselves for these just causes.

Peacehq is here to serve you.

- Peacemaker Profile -

. The heart of this Web Site is the profiles that have been established for each person considered a Peacemaker. Each profile is a web site in and of itself. You can add items and links to it. You can change some of the appearances and you can order other items from Peacehq within your Profile Site.

In addition, all major links are available on each Profile Site so if you bookmark your Profile you can get to anywhere else on the site from your Profile. Check out the following link to see what your many options are:

Peacemakers And The Internet

- Pictures -

Thanks to many of your fellow Peacemakers Peacehq has a huge collection of pictures from most of the Actions. If you are interested in having any or all of these pictures just contact Peacehq, tell us what you are looking for, and if we have it we will send them to you on a CD in jpg format. Don't forget to include your mailing address.

If you have any pictures that you would like to share please send them to:

Peacehq C/O:
John Toren
27 W Main St
Amelia, Oh 45102

If you just have a few then you can attach up to 3 megs of pictures in an email and send them to:

- Discontinued/Moved -

- Calendars - Discontinued due to lack of interest.
- Peace Hostels - Moved to Peacehq Group

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