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   In October, I will be taking leave from MFSO to take part in the International Peace Pilgrimage (toward a nuclear free future). While it is still 6 months away, it is not to early to ask for your support, your prayers and to start thinking about who will take over the listserv when I leave.

   The walk starts from Roxby Downs, Australia and ends at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. It will last from the 12th of November until the 9th of August 2004. I ask you to visit the website to learn more about what we will be doing, go to: "http://peacehq.tripod.com/OSIPP/ipp-home.html"

   This will be the fourth walk I will have participated in that has had peace or related issues as the theme. It is a time of learning, a time of prayer or reflection for the participants; and the opportunity to be a visible sign of hope in a troubled world. Plus, we get the opportunity to educate and communicate with those we come in contact with along the way. We also participate in various actions along the way.

   I made the commitment to do this back in August when I met the organizers at an action at the Y-12 Nuclear Weapons Plant in Oakridge, TN.

   This will be a 9 month walk and as you can all imagine there is considerable expense involved, not only for myself but for the walk in general. My flight alone from here to Australia, Australia to Japan and then Japan to home looks to be around $3,000; thus the reason I had to go back to work. So if any of you, have the inclination to help out, either myself or the walk in general, it would be greatly appreciated. Aside from financial support, as Marcus says in his email below, he is looking for letters of support and I would like to give a letter of support from MFSO but want your feelings on that. Also some of you maybe involved with other organizations that would be willing to support us.

In love, peace and solidarity, Jeff
International Peace Pilgrimage Toward A Nuclear Free Future.