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I'm downunder - 11/03/2003
Update From Melbourne

Where Was I?

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I arrived downunder approx. 6.5 hours ago. I made it through customs fine. I was pleasantly surprised when Angie (an internet friend from Australia) met me at the airport this morning. Angie thanks!!! She saw me and called out to me, then bought me a cup of coffee. Marcus ended up arriving late, car troubles but Angie called his cellphone, it turns out he was just arriving inside the terminal. Marcus and I went for another cup of coffee and then over to a friend's house where he is staying. I will be staying at another friend's house.

We talked about the walk, the Australian part will cover about 2,000 miles on foot and the Japan part another 1,400 miles on foot. There should be walkers from at least 8 countries if they can all get visas.

Well more later, just wanted you all to know I arrived safely.

Love and peace, Jeff
International Peace Pilgrimage Toward A Nuclear Free Future.