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Limited Email Access - 11/09/2003
11-12 Update

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I just want to let you know my internet access has been limited since I have been here because there are only two computers here in the office that we are sharing with other groups and each other. Plus it is over phone lines rather than cable. Really at this point it is more important for Marcus, Atsuko or others doing the planning to have the majority of access since we actually start setting up camp tomorrow.

The last 2 nights Marcus, Atsuko and I spent in Wonthaggi  at Marcus's mom's, his last visit home for awhile. Wonthaggi is about a 2 hour drive from Melbourne. Yesterday, late afternoon, we took a side trip to visit the coastline (a couple miles away) and walk on the shore. The most striking thing was the lack of development, Australia has protected it coastline access, it was really nice.

On the way back to Melbourne today we smelled burning rubber then it went away. Then we stopped awhile later and a little radiator fluid was leaking on the ground. We took a piece of old hose and cable ties to make a patch. We made it here okay.

Well we set-up camp at the university tomorrow and then hopefully we will have more email access. So more later.

Love and peace, Jeff
International Peace Pilgrimage Toward A Nuclear Free Future.