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August 12th,2005

To my dear family and friends

   I hope this sees you all in good health and spirit, you have all been in my thoughts and prayers as I reflect on my last 12 months but also of where I sit today.

   This time last year (tis hard to believe its been 12 months!!) we had walked for 8 months across Australia and Japan in an effort to raise awareness of the nuclear industry in Australia and the connection to Japan. Walking the deadly cycle of uranium, from the mining, to the transportation and processing to the end result ending in weapons, gave me a greater undertanding of the atrocities associated with this industry. After hearing many stories of truth from indigenous and non-indigenous people of how are they have been and are directly affected by the greed and power of these companies, I feel I have a greater responsbility to continue to walk and share these stories to create a world that is nuclear free and to one day have peace.
   I commemorated the 60th anniversary with the Oakridge Environmental and Peace Alliance in their campaign to Stop the Bomb!! Y12 is where part of the bomb that exploded over Hiroshima 60 years ago was made. Today they break International Law by extending the life span of nuclear weapons to 100 to 150 years in a program called the Weapons StockPile. Y12 makes weapons of mass destruction.
   Having walked for 4 days with Sister Denise and Brother Utsumi, hundreds of people gathered and began the commemorations on the day of the 6th in the early dark hours of the morning. As the sun rose in magnificent orangeness a circle at the gates of Y12 formed while we read a list of many people that died in Hiroshima, and as each persons name was read we gonged an ancient bell that vibrated through the stillness of the morning. For each person we also tied a peace crane to the fence of Y12. The vibration of peace rang through the air of the morning sun. At 8.15 am we had 2 minutes silence whilst a flock of 12 canadian geese spontaneously and appropriately flew over head. The day was filled with many stories, poetry and music being shared, a march with over 1,000 people to Expose the Secret City, and Civil Disobediance, in which 15 people where arrested for "obstructing the road into Y12 facilitty". The lantern ceremony ended the successful day in a peaceful relaxed event by the river.
   For photos check out:
   My journey over the last 12 months has been incredible and one that has opened my heart to a way of life that sees me continue to walk with such strength and focus to assist in the movement of stopping these wars that continue to destroy the land, our precious Earth and all life. All life is sacred. Thank you for all those that have supported me and each of us do what we have to do to create a better world. Another world is possible.
   In a small and welcoming home amongst a few green trees in Washington DC, I sit with the smell of delicious Burmese curry lingering in the air, the constant chatter and shrill of the Burmese language and surrounded by a mass of books, pamphlets and placards about the history of Burma I offer support to many of my friends (from our last walk from Y12 to New York) in organising a Peaceful Demonstration - walking from Washington DC to New York where we will participate in a 17 day Hunger Strike for the Freedom of Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma.
   This year when we walked from Y12 National Security Facility in Oakridge TN to the United Nations New York for the NPT. During that walk I was fortunate to meet Han Lin who is a political "freedom fighter" refugee from Burma, who was involved in the 1988 demonstration to demand democracy from the Burmese Military who took over the reins of power in 1962. His story is one of incredible sadness of his time since fleeing Burma to the Thai Border where he lived in the jungle for 2 years helping orphaned children. Since fleeing Burma and obtaining refugee status in America he has worked effortlessly and tirelessly for the freedom of Aung San and for Burma.
   For more info and daily updates of the walk/hungerstrike check out website:
   I have also attached some information about the walk and why we are doing it. Please read this.
   Today we have a rest day I hope this sees you in good spirits and strength. My thoughts and prayers are with you all that are working hard for a peaceful world. I am missing Australia but at the same time my time here in the States is of great importance as I learn more about this crazy country
   In peace
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