Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk
Day 13 - Thursday March 24th, 2005
Dear Peace Walkers from "Kacey"

      Hello. My name is John and I am one of the Stewards for this web site. I join the walk as often as possible but my primary mission is to keep the site updated on a timely as possible basis so I stay close to home for the most part. I also check the mail each day and forward notes sent to me by the walkers to the folks they have given me emails to send to. Well when I checked the mail this morning I received a letter addressed to me and also the return address was mine. It seemed curious but I have done this same thing before so I just thought it was a walker who really has no return address wilst on the walk so I just put it up for later, figuring I would send it sometime later in the day with the rest of my emails.

   Well when I finally got around to it I soon discovered that it was not a letter from one of my walkers but from a mother who, with her entire family, joined the walk for a time and also provided a meal for the walkers. If you would like to view the original letter please just click on the thumbnail at the left. Just below is a copy of the letter.
  22 March, 05

Greetings John,

   Enclosed is a letter written by our daughter Kayce, age 8 yrs. We had an opportunity to be with the peace walkers on two occasions. One on our second visit in Surgoinsville, TN the 19 March, we provided dinner; stayed the night. On the 20th we walked to Kingsport, TN with them.

   Kayce shed tears on our return trip. She is a very sensitive caring child. To help with leaving I asked her to write them a letter. The words and thoughts are hers - each chosen by Kayce.

   They are her friends because they care for peace (we teach this in our home) and they adored her - making her feel special.

   Being 'brave' wow, she became a bit frightened at the ammunition plant in Kingsport.

   The picture is of her & the walkers beating the drums & carrying the flags.

   I'll write my thoughts tonight and send the postcard tomorrow.

   Peace be with you!


   What a nice letter to receive. But as I read on she described to me yet another letter that she had enclosed. It had Santa and the reindeers stamps on the lower left and said "PEACE WALKER" as the address. I have four grand children and this letter looked very familiar. I was thinking about them as I opened the letter.

   "Dear Peace walkers

I hope you will be safe because you are my friends. I miss you very much. You are very brave to be doing this.

Love Kayce and Will".

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