Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk
Day 28 - Friday April 8th, 2005,
Charlottesville VA to Ruckersville VA


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     The clouds rained themselves out by lunch and we walked into Charlottesville under a blue sky. We had made very goos time today so our last few rest breaks were long, needing to arrive at the arranged time at our rendezvous with local anti-nuclear activists. Though longer breaks are a luxury (definitely worth taking off shoes and lying down) your body winds down a little too much sometimes and it is hard to get moving again !!

   A few people met up with us during the last mile or so (welcome Josh and 4 legged friend Lady, and welcome back Raccoon) and 10-15 locals were waiting with banners and placards outside of the Dominion Energy building when we arrived. Dominion is the company proposing to build the new nuclear plants at Lake Anna (see yesterday's blog).

   We assembled facing the office, kneeling, standing, flying flags, beating drums, chanting, singing, and waving peace signs at passers by. It's wonderful to be able to support local communities at actions like this, swelling numbers and showing international solidarity. The tentacles of the nuclear industry reach far and wide and it is important to connect people affectedor concerned by every stage of the cycle. From mining to milling, nuclear reactors, reprocessing, depleted uranium and atomic weaponry and waste dumping, people are displaced, land is poisoned and a toxic legacy is left to our children (and their children...). It is for all of the people affected, past , present and future that we walk...

   2 local TV stations and the local paper came to cover the event, so hopefully more people in the local community become aware of or involved in the campaign against the proposed reactors. Maximum respect to the People's Alliance for Clean Energy in Charlottesville.

   From here it was a short walk back to the church. Thanks again to Rhonda for organising accomodation, meals and showers for the pilgrims.

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