Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk
Day 44 Sunday April 24, 2005
Allentown PA to Bethlehem PA


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     Today was a great day! Everyday is great if you make it that way, but it certainly helps when the environment and people around you are enjoying themselves. Today was a much needed rest day in Bethlehem PA, being the past two walk days have been on the cloudy wet side with few breaks to sunshine.

   Our host is a beautiful and gentle soul, who organized our stay here in Bethlehem and looked after all our needs. Over the last few days we all got to know him well and his calm ways, but I guess you don't always know people as well as you could. It was surprising today at the morning circle when he announced that he really hadn't told his story, but he had written it down in Ray's book so we could all read it later. He is a very unassuming and humble man.... this is what he wrote.

   Our Bethlehem host's story.

   Teaching peace is such important work. Please teach for me, for Zoe, and for all of us. We met Zoe at our church camp in August 2001. She was in my son's class. She was a lovely, delightful, peaceful human and I dreamed that she and my son might marry some day.

   On the morning of September 11th, 2001, we all learned that Zoe, her little sister and her parents had been on the plane that was flown into the Pentagon. Throughout our neighborhood, American flags went up and people called for retaliation, escalation and war.

   After absorbing my anger and sorrow, I asked myself what Zoe would want us to do. Although of course I can't really know, I concluded that she would tell us to catch those who did and planned this thing, So that they couldn't hurt anybody else, but to make sure that we did not hurt or kill any more people in response.

   Instead of an American flag I flew an Earth flag on our home, which still stays there. I have been working to support the teaching of peace all around the world ever since.

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