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   Our objective not just to provide information about this walk but to tell a story. This story is about the people who have given of themselves for a noble cause and to try to impart to the reader the impact that these courageous people have had on the communities they have visited.
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   Below the Day Logs is a link to a Nuclear Time-Line that tells you various nuclear disasters and the such that occurred on the day you are reading. Post Cards are pictures of post cards that we have received from folks in the communities we walked through. There are six International Peace Pilgrims on the walk. Jeff McKenzie is one of these pilgrims. This is a link to Jeff's information that he reported on the day you are reading. The walkers as well may post their own personal stories so you may see some links to their postings. These are called Voices.

   Some of the other links are Community Responses that are hand writen into a diary like book that one of the walkers is maintaining. Lastly there are the Echoes. These are links to past actions performed by participants in this walk. A reminder of the past that provides spirit to the walkers and runners just as this site will do for these participants years from now.

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