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Navigation Bar Submit Feedback    Over the years there have been quite a number of changes to this web site and they continue to take place on almost a daily basis. The one thing that has been constant Is that most if not all of the work has been preserved in order that the history of this project will not be forgotten.

   Beginning in 2005 the first major changes took place. Most of these changes were made to eliminate pages that were not being used. When you first start something you come up with a whole lot of ideas that you throw against the wall and those that stick you keep, those that donít you would normally discard but in this case they were kept for historical reasons. Click this line to see details of the 2005 changes.

   Several years later in 2007 another even more major change occurred. These were very dramatic because for the first time a computer program was used to generate quite a number of the pages including the image or picture albums that are displayed with all the elements of the site that require them. Navigation help was added to all new pages, also generated by a computer program and a help feature was established. Click this line to see details of the 2007 changes. These changes were done at the end of 2007 so they have been in effect about a year.

   It is now 2009 and even more dramatic changes have taken place. About 95% of the web site is now generated by computer program. With the increase in activity it simply is not possible to keep up with the input without the use of a computer to help. Click this line to see details of the 2009 changes.
   The other drastic change is an attempt to expose all the work that has been graciously and unselfishly given by many folks who worked hard to preserve the history of this peace movement . Their stories of the experiences they went through while walking and running for peace needed to be directly exposed to the readers of the web site and their opinions and ideas needed a easier way to get at without going through many menus to get there. So we are attempting to provide all the pages of peacehq on one monster menu and give the reader some options concerning the sequence of these menus. For example the authors of the material are now kept and the menu provides a link to a section where you can see all the work of a particular author. There is also a link to the last 25 pages that were posted so the reader can see the latest work without going through a thousand links to find what they are looking for.

   We stewards sincerely hope that this will be the last of the major changes and after 9 years of work we may have finally made it. In any regard we pray that you will leave this forum of peace and justice and that you and yours may live the rest of you life in peace.

Sincerely Ė The Stewards of peacehq.

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