Peacemakers On The Scene

SOA Nov 22-23, 2003
Ray Hearne Reporting

   Last year I walked with Nipponzan Myohoji - Atlanta Dojo, most of the journey. This year I rode on the bus from Asheville.

   As always, it was good to meet old friends and make new friends.

   At the SOA- where joy and sorrow dance, 10,000 came together to learn about current situations in Central America and South America and to witness against the SOA.

   The funeral procession and naming of the dead were profoundly moving. I saw many tears on the faces of people carrying crosses with the names of the dead.

   It was actually hot! Water was given to the thirsty, Food Not Bombs gave food. There were dozens of tables dispensing information about SOA activities, projects in many countries in Central and South America, politics at home.

It was rewarding to see many friends from the Peace Walks with Nipponzan Myohoji, Denise, Utsumi- and to see the banner from this years walk on the fence.

Love Ray

Ray Hearne reporting

Erik Johnson
Libby Johnson
Mary Beth Gambo
Meagen Kresge
Ray Hearne
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