International Peace Pilgrimage
Y12 Nuclear Complex, Oak Ridge Tennessee
To The United Nations
Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty Talks
New York, New York - 2005


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Chapter 1 - The Beginning

Crazy Ideas

   "Well the International Peace Pilgrimage - Roxby Downs, Australia to Hiroshima Japan - 2003-2004 was finally over. But was the crazy ideas were still there so I sent an email to my mates Jim and John in the U.S. to let them know I was still crazy. If you don't believe me then read it". - Marcus

Email - August 15th, 2004
From Marcus Atkinson

Marcus Atkinson, Takashige Arai and Nat came to the U.S. in October of 2004. Taka went to the Atlanta Dojo, Nat went to upstate New York for a pilgrimage and Marcus came to Peace Hostel Amelia to begin setting the plans for the Peace Walk from Oak Ridge Tennessee to the United Nations that would begin in March of 2005. These IPP members would then gather in Atlanta for the Walk For World Peace - 2004.

After the preliminary route was established Jim and Marcus headed south to the Great Smoky Mountains Peace Pagoda. An October work camp had been shceduled there and so they could not only help with the construction of the Peace Pagoda but they could hold a meeting with Jun San who was scheduled to be there and it was necessary that she view the route and render her thoughts and approval. Additionally Steve Leeper from Mayors For Peace Hiroshima was going to be present and his input was also needed.

   Following the Walk For World Peace Marcus, Taka and Nat then returned home for the Winter. Marcus went to Japan for a speaking tour over the Winter months. The subject of this tour was the International Peace Pilgrimage - Roxby Downs, Australia to Hiroshima Japan - 2003-2004 that had been completed earlier in 2004.

   In late February, 2005 the veteran walkers from the International Peace Pilgrimage returned to the United States to take part in the Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk. This is their story.

Chapter 2 - Arrival

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