Military Families Speak Out

Jeff McKenzie, Peacemaker, is a co-founder of Military Families Speak Out. Jeff was called to help start this organization because his son Jeremy and his son's wife Nicole were both in the military. This presented a real dilemma to Jeff and his family since Jeff is fundamentally a pacifist and it looked as if our country was going to war thus putting his loved ones in harms way. This is his story.

11/23/2002 - The group's intial email.

11/26/2002 - A letter of introduction from Jeff McKenzie.

12/10/2002 - Tell me why my son and daughter-in-law should go to fight in Iraq.

12/28/2002 - My son is going to be deployed. A Fatherís Thoughts

01/21/2003 - Leaving for the Sandbox

01/26/2003 - A report on DC to the present.

01/30/2003 - Suggestions from my daughter-in-law and son on things to send our loved ones.

01/30/2003 - From my son and the toliet paper supply.

01/31/2003 - Opportunities await.

02/09/2003 - A letter from my son. Fwd: Hello from the Sands of Kuwait

03/02/2003 - An email from my son in Kuwait.

03/03/2003 - Communication with our loved ones.

03/07/2003 - A note from my son and sandstorms.

03/08/2003 - A letter to the editor.

03/17/2003 - Phone calls, emails and taxes.

03/17/2003 - Snail and Packages

03/18/2003 - Last Email for a while

03/27/2003 - Email from my son, with a message about packages.

03/28/2003 - Jeremy's location, packages and phone bills.

03/29/2003 - An email from my son.

03/30/2003 - An email from my son, hard landing but okay.

04/03/2003 - Once again, are you ok?

04/04/2003 - Another long night of not knowing, letters to my son.

04/09/2003 - Activists Balance Anger At War, Love For Children Who Choose To Fight

04/10/2003 - Subject: Re: Love ya.

04/20/2003 - Haven't heard from Jeremy in a week

04/22/2003 - A note from my son

04/22/2003 - Apparently Jeremy hasn't seen the news

04/26/2003 - Update on Jeremy.

05/03/2003 - Sharing a letter from my son.

05/09/2003 - Jeremy will be home the beginning of June.

05/23/2003 - Close the SOA! - Call to Action

05/29/2003 - An email from my son.

05/29/2003 - It's in the mail.

05/31/2003 - I have Good News and Bad News.

06/09/2003 - Jerem's back home.!

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