Peacemakers On The Scene

Peacewalk August 2003
Ray Hearne Reporting

   This was the 4th time I joined Denise and Utsumi of Nipponzan Myohoji - Atlanta Dojo, on their walk to Oak Ridge Tennessee to commerate Hiroshima and to witness for Peace through drumming and chanting the sacred Mantra Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo. For the second time I joined for more than a week, starting at Dillsboro NC.

   It is a precious time of community and spiritual testimony. The chanting and drumming energize and carry one along in spite of hills and heat.

   Considerate, warm-hearted, generous hosts, tend to our shelter and set tables laden with good food. I leave each home with gratitude and a pain of separation, with hope of returning. Old friends and new, including journalists and passersby, join for hours to days; their smiles and refreshments spur me on.

   Utsumi's and Denise's determination are the structure of the journey.

Joining with dozens at the y12 plant, including the three stalwart runners Jim Toren, Jon Blickenstaff and Mark Webb. Then on August 10th the OREPA demonstratrion - the gathering to testify against nuclear arms buildup. The warmth of the peace and activist's community stave off the chill of the armaments buildup.

   Ray Hearne reporting

Erik Johnson
Greg Zolad
Jim Toren
Jon Blickenstaff
Libby Johnson
Mark Webb
Ray Hearne
Susan Iorio