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Aboriginal Tent Embassy
Acworth Georgia, USA
Adelaide , Australia
Atsuko Nogawa
Avon Hudson

Beverly, Australia
Bring Them Home Now
Brisbane, Australia
Broken Hill, Australia
Buzzacott, Kevin - Melbourne Conference Speaker
   Nuclear Free Future award 2001
Citizens Nuclear Information Centre - Japan
Coins And Currency, Australia
Coober Pedy, Australia
Conference Melbourne University on November 15th & 16th
   Announcement Poster
   Possible Speakers

Ecumenical Service For Peace - Cameroon
Edward Cranswick
Emu Field - Operation Totem

FOE, Friends of the Earth Australia

Gensuikin - Japan Congress Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs
Gerti Oelmack
Guest Book

Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Honeymoon, Australia
Host's Introduction

International Peace Pilgrimage
   Towards A Nuclear Free Future

Jeff and Jeremy's Story
Jeff McKenzie - Introduction
Jeff McKenzie Library, The
   Anabaptist Movement, The
   Bush After 9/11
   Faces In Iraq Exhibit Speach
   Letter Of Support To International Peace Pilgrimage
   Letter To Bush And Cheney
   Vienna Greens, Speach - 10/23/2003
Jeff McKenzie - Peacemaker Profile(Other Actions)
Jeff McKenzie - Walk Updates
   04/18/2003 - "leave of absence"
   08/02/2003 - "update everyone on my plans"
   08/17/2003 - More Bio Details
   08/28/2003 - "Out With The Old"
   09/08/2003 - "A Look Back And Ahead"
   09/10/2003 - "What's Next?"
   09/25/2003 - "Going off-line for awhile"
   10/03/2003 - "Gasport, NY to Acworth, GA"
   10/12/2003 - "Stuck in route"
   10/14/2003 - "I have arrived in Vienna"
   10/20/2003 - "Hi From Vienna"
   10/24/2003 - "Never pass up an opportunity to speak out..."
   10/31/2003 - "Last update before I arrive downunder.
   11/03/2003 - "I'm Downunder."
   11/07/2003 - "Update From Melbourne"
   11/09/2003 - "Limited Email Access"
   11/12/2003 - "11-12 Update"
   11/13/2003 - "Coins And Currency"
   11/14/2003 - "I'll Be Making This Speech"
   11/19/2003 - "Walk Update"
   11/20/2003 - "Running A Little Late"
   11/21/2003 - "Broken Hill, New South Wales"
   11/23/2003 - "Still In Broken Hill"
   11/24/2003 - "Wilpena Pound "
   11/30/2003 - "12-1 Update"
   12/01/2003 - "Two Pieces Of Wonderful News "
   12/02/2003 - "Gerti Joins Me Tonight"
   12/05/2003 - "What's Coming Up "
   12/07/2003 - "Short Update Walk Starts On Wednesday"
   12/09/2003 - "Mine Tour"
   12/10/2003 - "First Steps"
   12/22/2003 - "Port Augusta, S. A."
   12/22/2003 - "Woomera to Pt. Augusta"
   12/23/2003 - "Photos And Information"
   01/07/2004 - "Flys, mozzies, and decision time."
   01/08/2004 - "Edward, Ruth, Avon and getting back on the road again."
   01/09/2004 - "Short update as we begin walking."
   01/16/2004 - "A lot has taken place since Adelaide."
Jun Yasuda (Jun San)

Kathy Malera - Bundjalung, Melbourne Conference Speaker
Koala Bears
Kunga Women
Kupa Piti Kunga Tjuta

La Trobe University
Lake Eyre, Australia
Library, The Jeff McKenzie
   Anabaptist Movement, The
   Faces In Iraq Exhibit Speach
   Letter Of Support To International Peace Pilgrimage
   Letter To President Bush and Vice President Cheney
Lynn Allison - Melbourne Conference Speaker

Acworth Georgia, USA
   Adelaide , Australia
   Brisbane, Australia
   Broken Hill, Australia
   Coober Pedy, Australia
   Emu Field, Australia - Operation Totem
   Gasport, New York, USA
   Hoshino, Japan
   Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan
   Melbourne, Australia
   Melbourne To Roxby
   Maralinga, Australia, Atomic Bomb Test, Series Buffalo
   Marree, Australia
   Nepabunna, Australia
   Perth, Australia
   Port Augusta, Australia
   Roxby Downs, Australia
   Rum Jungle Area, Australia
   Sydney, Australia
   Tasmania, Australia
   Timbarra, Australia
   Trimouille Island, Australia - Operation Hurricane
   Wilpena Pound, Australia
   Wonthaggi, Australia
   Woomera, Australia
MAPW - Medical Association for Prevention of War
Maralinga, Australia, Atomic Bomb Test, Series Buffalo
Marcus Atkinson - Peacemaker Profile
Marcus Atkinson - Emails
   04/18/2003 - "thinking of, and praying for your family"
   08/02/2003 - "Sorry about the delay"
   09/22/2003 - "for all those interested "
   10/17/2003 - "O hayogozaimasu pilgrims"
Melbourne To Roxby
MFSO, Military Families Speak Out

No More Radioactive Genocide
Nuclear Weapons Testing, Australia
   Emu Field - Operation Totem
   Maralinga - Operation Buffalo
   Trimouille Island - Operation Hurricane

Opening Page
OREPA, Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance

Peace Bus
Perth, Australia
Photo Album

Robbie Thorpe - Melbourne Conference Speaker
Roxby Downs, Australia
Ruth Russell

Sadako's Story
Saint Mary's Peak
Shundahai, Corbin Harney
Solar Trailer
Students of Sustainability
Sydney, Australia

Tasmania, Australia
Trimouille Island - Operation Hurricane

Veterans For Peace

Y-12 Nuclear Weapons Plant in Oakridge, TN.

" God knows I want my son to return safely but I wish that for all of Godís children, be they American, Iraqi, Afghani, Iranian, Israeli, etc. and I am referring to all people, regardless of their religion or lack thereof."

Jeff Mckenzie
My son is going to be deployed. A Fatherís Thoughts

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